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We are SO excited to introduce you to this platform.  We are even more thrilled to be the only clinic to offer these treatments on Vancouver Island.   A revolution in Body Contouring!!! 

EMSculpt® is the only non-surgical treatment that builds muscles and burns fat while you rest on our bed!
Whether you are looking to define your six pack or perk up your booty, Emsculpt® is the treatment for you.

How it works-

EMSculpt® uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM®) technology that causes powerful contractions in the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks. These contractions—which are not achievable through exercise alone—dissolve fat, and build muscle. This technology simulates supramaximal muscle contractions, 20,000 of them!   The treatment itself feels like an intensive workout, but one you can enjoy while laying down and relaxing.  We recommend four 30-minute treatment sessions scheduled 2-3 days apart, after which you’ll immediately begin to feel tangible results. Usually, visible results start to appear 2-4 weeks after your final treatment session and continue to improve for several weeks. The result is reduced fat, increased muscle mass, and sculpted contours.

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