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The Team

Who We Are


Dr. G Allen


Prior to medical school Dr. Allen  was offered a scholarship to complete an honours degree in cellular physiology/neurophysiology. During the time she was in medical school and medical residency at Dalhousie University she was struggling with acne. After multiple failed attempts at treating this, she was introduced to the Environ Skin care line, which transformed the health of her skin. Since her own skin revolution, she has treated numerous acne cases but also addresses a full spectrum of skin concerns with Environ in her comprehensive medical aesthetics practice. With the background in cellular physiology she became fascinated with which topical products directly influence the health of our cells in our skin. 

Dr. Allen is an advanced injector, with 13 years of experience and learning under some of the world's best injectors. She continues to learn leading techniques, and educate others. 


Dr. D Lewis


Dr. Lewis has always had a strong interest in aesthetic medicine.  At the end of his medical residency with Dalhousie University he started his education in the subspecialty of aesthetic medicine. He has been injecting for 13 years, and is considered an advanced injector. He has completed thousands of lip filler treatments, and is sought after for his natural lip enhancement. Dr. Lewis has been educated by some of the world's best injectors: Dr. Mauricio de Maio, Dr. Swift, Dr. Remington to name a few outstanding physicians. 

Dr. Lewis brought the EMSculpt into the clinic and has been transforming bodies, repairing injuries, and increasing core strength with this technology. 

Lindsay Wolfe

Medical Aesthetician

Lindsay is a certified Aesthetician with a medical aesthetics specialty.  She has worked with a wide range of cosmetic lines and skincare lines over the past 20 years and is passionate about skin health.  In addition to providing skin consultations and the full range of Environ treatments, Lindsay also assists   Dr. Allen and Dr Lewis with your injectable treatment, hyperhidrosis treatments and cosmetic excisions. She can also be found doing all of our Sylfirm X treatments.   She is likely the voice on the phone and the one to respond to your emails.  

Jessie Pruden

Medical Aesthetician

 Jessie is a certified Aesthetician and Spa Therapist with a medical aesthetics specialty. She started her career in 2018 working in high end hotel spas but has truly found her niche working at White Wave. As someone who spent many years suffering from acne, she is very passionate about skin health and helping patients achieve their skin goals using a combination of medical grade skin care and facial treatments. You’ll also see Jessie assisting the physicians in clinic with their injectable treatments. 

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