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 It's made by doctors for doctors. Universkin provides remarkable results thanks to its unprecedented system that merges biotechnology and a holistic, personalized approach to treatment that allows us to tailor formulas to your individual unique needs. 
If you'd like to get your own skin's diagnostic please visit our link below and fill out the brief questionaire!

About Universkin
A French pharmaceutical company- Universkin™ is a French pharmaceutical company, founded in 2006 and based in Sophia Antipolis, France. The founding and management team of Universkin™ is comprised of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, pharmacists, biologists, chemists, and anatomo-pathologists.

​Each skin type is different and many mass-manufactured cosmetics products aren’t suitable for every skin type. Universkin™ designed a new patient-centered, fully customized and evidence-based cosmetic skin care for medical practitioners with applications in aesthetic and clinical dermatology. 
The unique approach of Universkin™ permits to take charge and improve with an astonishing efficacy various aesthetic and dermatology conditions such as wrinkles, sagging skin, redness, hyper pigmentation, skin prone to pimples, and dryness. 
To build your formula, a skin analysis is conducted by trained physicians, enabling the selection of the relevant active ingredients out of 19 active ingredients available, developed and made in France after 8 years of research.
The functional diagnosis of your skin, leads the specialist to identify the active nutrient it requires. These pure active ingredients are selected on the basis of proven scientific evidence. Your specialist will prepare your serum in front of you.
Freshly prepared, tailored specifically for you, your skin receives exactly what it needs.

How does the personalization process take place?
At first, you fill in the Questionnaire (button below) where you are being asked about your skin concerns, skin routine etc.
Your doctor makes a skin analysis and determines an appropriate combination for your skin. Your personalized formula is prepared within less than one minute and to be used mornings and/or evenings based on your doctors recommendation.  Your bespoke formula can be fine-tuned over time following your lifestyle, age, skin quality as well as seasonal and environmental factors.

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