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Your skin is one of your most precious assets, and every skin is unique. Environ‘s therapies are tailored to treat individual concerns and to nurture and restore skin, through non-destructive methods. Our luxurious personalized treatments include iontophoresis and our innovative Sonophoresis, which greatly improve the efficacy of our vitamin therapies. Environ facials combine scientifically advanced skin care products with our Ionzyme® DF machine for optimal results, assisting in a smoother, healthier looking skin.  All our Environ facials use the new Environ Ionzyme® DF II Machine; using Iontopheresis and Sonophoresis technology, two groundbreaking ways of exponentially increasing the absorption of the vitamins and minerals into the skin.   Facials are more effective in sequential treatments thus the packages.  

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Youth Reset Facial-

This Environ treatment replaces lost vitamins in the skin by delivering the perfect combination of vitamins working together to repair and rejuvenate.  Our goal is to assist you in maintaining beautiful skin for a lifetime, no matter what your age, skin tone or gender.  Treatment time 75-90 minutes and includes application of soothing alginate masque. This treatment is good for anyone that has ageing concerns.

Package of 6 Youth Reset Facials $1,500 or a Single Youth Reset $300

Moisture Boost Facial-

The Moisture Boost Facial is perfect for skin that is feeling dehydrated. It will help to revive dull skin with the use of low molecular hyaluronic acid and ultrasound technology to penetrate the skin for intense hydration. You'll notice an improvement in your skin's moisture and texture after just one session.  This treatment is 75-90 minutes long.

Package of 6 Essential Moisture Boost Facials $1,500 or a Single Moisture Boost Facial for $300

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Essential Comfort Calm-

Our Essential Comfort Calm Facial is the perfect solution for those with sensitive skin. Combining the latest sonophoresis technology with colostrum and a calming alginate mask, this facial helps to reduce inflammation and soothe skin in a gentle and effective way. Experience the long-lasting calming and hydrating benefits of this facial today.  This treatment is 75-90 minutes long.

A single Essential Comfort Calm facial is $300

Essential Radiance Reveal-

Environs Essential Radiance Reveal Facial is the perfect choice for those looking to brighten and lighten their pigmented skin. This facial targets the root cause of pigmentation and is best used in a package to achieve optimal results.  This treatment is 75-90 minutes long.

A single Essential Radiance Reveal facial is $300 and also available in a package of 6 with special pricing.


Focus-On Treatments

These short, 30 minutes treatments allow us to Focus On specific areas of concerns.  These quick treatments are a perfect lunch time service


Focus-On Frown

Focus on Frown is a great service for those not ready to commit to Botox. In just 30 minutes, we can target those deep frown lines above and below the brows, as well as between the eyebrows, with Environ's frown serum. To finish, we apply a relaxing Alginate mask to help your skin look and feel refreshed.  This service is $150.


Focus-On Eye

Environ's Focus on Eye treatment is the perfect solution for anyone looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. In just 30 minutes, this treatment helps to hydrate the delicate eye area and reduce the signs of aging. After the treatment, an alginate mask is applied to further soothe the eye area and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  This service is $150.


Focus-On Even Tone

Our Focus on Even Tone service is the perfect way to achieve a bright, even complexion. This quick 30 minute treatment combines the best of Environ's Radiance+ line to target pigmentation in specific areas of the face. We finish off with a soothing alginate mask to leave your skin looking brighter and more even.  This service is $150.

Forlle'd Facials

Forlle'd is revolutionizing the skin care industry with their intelligent skin care solutions. Their patented technology, bioengineered formulations, and carefully selected ingredients, along with a unique delivery system, help to efficiently restore and preserve the skin's health and natural beauty at any age. All Forlle'd products are developed and manufactured in Japan using the latest scientific discoveries.


Platinum Facial

Platinum-based treatment provides antioxidant effects and prevents photo-aging on the skin. Best for dull, stressed skin, uneven complexions, pigmentation, oily skin and skin prone to inflammation.

This treatment is $240


Bio-filler Facial

This treatment is ideal for dull, tired skin with issues like impaired cellular respiration, poor complexion, and fine lines. It offers excellent lifting and rejuvenating effects on the skin and is referred to as the "party look" treatment. 

This treatment is $225


Sparkling Oxygenic Facial

This treatment is designed to activate the skins microcirculation, enhance cell metabolism, and promote detoxification. Ideal for all sin types and great for an instant, refreshed glow.

This treatment is $175

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